A Spring Tidy…

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Spring is here and my returning enthusiasm has led to a clean-up of my website. I’ve been making minor tweaks for some months, but I knew it wasn’t quite right and further alterations were needed.

Here we are; less cluttered, new contact form, and updates. I may make other minor adjustments, but this is it for now.

The new contact form will hopefully reduce the spam load. We all get spam, though I’ve had more than I want- lately it’s all from China- nothing sordid thankfully, but I don’t need sunglasses, or other cheap technical services.

My alter ego, Carol, has been establishing a website and a mailing list, so blog posts have been limited for us both.

We’re waiting for trips away from home for further research- sadly not everything can be done via the computer.

One more vaccine appointment to go…

The past year has been hard for everyone. I hope this year will be better for us all.

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Virtual Tours and a Challenge…


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2020 has been a difficult year for everyone.

A Virtual Tour…

While many museums and galleries are reopening, sadly, others are not, among the latter is my favourite, the Fashion Museum in Bath, Somerset.

Late July it was announced that both the Fashion Museum and the Victoria Gallery would remain closed until 29th March 2021.

On my last visit, I ran out of time to visit the Victoria Gallery, and put it top of my ‘to see’ list, next time.

For those who’ve never had the opportunity to see the History of Fashion in 100 Objects, you can take a virtual tour of the exhibition.

Though a number of the items have changed since my visit in 2017, there are a few that appeared in the photos I shared in my April 2017 post, here.

Now for the challenge…

Look at my April 2017 post; look at the photos and the clothes displayed. Then, take the virtual tour and see how many of them you recognise.

Look out for these shoes, they’re there, but easy to miss.

High heels from the 1780’s

I’d love to hear which ones you identify, and whether you enjoyed the virtual tour…


Merry Christmas…


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Christmas is here again and the months preceding have been busy.

A quick update. My manuscript needs a lot more work, and there are a few issues with my characters to work on, along with missing chapters and the inevitable need to move scenes around.

I’m not giving up on this story, it’s just going to take longer than I’d estimated.

Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you prefer… Whatever you may do, enjoy it…






Patience is a Virtue…


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Since my last post I’ve made progress.

In July I attended the the Romantic Novelists Association’s 2019 Conference in Lancaster. Upon my return it was back to work on the novel.

With the rewriting my second draft word count doubled, I added the majority of the missing scenes and expanded the sub-plots.

As my deadline for submitting my manuscript to the RNA’S New Writers’ Scheme was midnight on the 31st August, I was putting in long hours at my desk last month.

The last four days alone were taken up by importing the first nine chapters that were written in Word into Scrivener, then checking through the whole document to correct a couple of contradictions that had crept into the later chapters when I’d written the opposite in the earlier chapters.

For example, my heroine claims to have never met her aunt who lives in Oxford, but earlier in the story she says she’s only met her a few times… simple enough to change when I reached that point in reading through.

I hope I didn’t miss removing any query comments- anything I needed to check I put in brackets at that stage in the text.

My manuscript and synopsis were submitted early in the morning of the last day for submissions to the scheme, after another check through.

Now it’s the wait to be notified of the reader’s comments. With the submission having been so close to the deadline, I’m not expecting the notification of the reader’s report being ready, until the end of the year.

I do have my own list of what I know will need doing in the next draft, including sorting those of my hero’s servants with surnames beginning with ‘H’…

There’s more hard work ahead, but I am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, next on the list is the website revamp…


Image: pixabay.com- StockSnap-894430



It Has Been Some Time…

While I’ve been absent the novel has been undergoing a few changes, hence the silence here…

Rewriting is harder than producing that first draft; between the one draft ending and the next beginning more thoughts and layers emerge with every missing scene I include.

I even discovered that a scene I thought was in the first draft wasn’t actually there… obviously one that had escaped the keyboard.

I’ve also made a few changes to the website which I hope will make navigation quicker and you will like.

The new colour scheme may still need adjustment. Having visual issues myself I’m aware that some readers may have difficulties, so do please use the contact form to let me know if the colour scheme creates any clarity issues and where…

Red Rose…

More soon…

Merry Christmas…

Christmas day approaches and the New Year beckons.

In the next couple of months I’ll be making a few changes to my site, though I’m still considering what I’ll be adding/removing or revising.


Christmas Wreath

2018 has not seen the progress I’d hoped for, but that’s not a valid reason not to persevere.

I am intending to do some rewriting over the Christmas holidays (although my family will be here).


However you may (or may not) celebrate this time of year I wish you peace and goodwill…



Time and Tide Does Not Wait…


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Gracious, it’s less than five weeks until Christmas and I’m not as far ahead as I expected by now.

House renovation has been going on around me this year, and then combined with the ill-health of family and a colleague, my work in progress time has been restricted. Sadly I’ll be unlikely to meet my June 2019 deadline, unless I can make swifter progress on my current second draft.

Where has the time gone?

Although I wasn’t writing I was creating the missing scenes in my imagination so they could be ready for building into the second draft. I’m now on chapter eight writing in the first of these additional scenes.

I’m sure every writer has repetitive words or actions that they give their characters without realising it, and unfortunately I’ve noticed my heroine, Sarah, has a tendency to lean against walls to restore her composure after an emotional scene with the hero, Hugh. That will need dealing with in the next draft!

There’s an additional sub-plot evolving that I missed in draft one and it will create additional conflict.

Having time to think about existing scenes and characters and how these new scenes can bring another layer to the story has been beneficial; so that time has not been wasted.

For now, moving forward (even slowly) is essential.

The Frost is Here…

I am…