A Hint of Serena’s Tales

oldThe spark of inspiration for a potential story frequently results from a random image: a photograph, a postcard,  an old building, or snippets of information.

Occasionally, a piece of flash fiction bubbles to the surface with new characters, and by the time I get to the end I know that there’s a longer story waiting for me.

At other times a secondary character in an existing project proves interesting – and of course they too want their own story…

So I have a number of tales to tell.

While you’re waiting for the first of my current works in progress, I thought you might enjoy a brief excerpt of my published flash fiction from the One Word Anthology.

(Jago is a secondary character from my Dorset novel; an alpha male with a soft streak deep down.)

After Heat

Jago watched Isabella stir, her face half buried in the pillow, her raven black hair curtaining her cheek and trailing down over her bare back, all so soft to his touch. “Am I forgiven?”

“Forever,” she whispered…

*   *  *

Jason remains a mystery, but I hope to one day discover his story…


The pristine white shift decorated with French lace and tiny intricately knotted bows lay demurely on his plump four-poster bed.

Jason didn’t know who it belonged to, but its absent owner had most certainly left her underclothes in the wrong bedroom…

Excerpts courtesy of Alfie Dog Fiction ©Talkback Writers

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