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Spring is here and my returning enthusiasm has led to a clean-up of my website. I’ve been making minor tweaks for some months, but I knew it wasn’t quite right and further alterations were needed.

Here we are; less cluttered, new contact form, and updates. I may make other minor adjustments, but this is it for now.

The new contact form will hopefully reduce the spam load. We all get spam, though I’ve had more than I want- lately it’s all from China- nothing sordid thankfully, but I don’t need sunglasses, or other cheap technical services.

My alter ego, Carol, has been establishing a website and a mailing list, so blog posts have been limited for us both.

We’re waiting for trips away from home for further research- sadly not everything can be done via the computer.

One more vaccine appointment to go…

The past year has been hard for everyone. I hope this year will be better for us all.

~ ~ ~