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2020 has been a difficult year for everyone.

A Virtual Tour…

While many museums and galleries are reopening, sadly, others are not, among the latter is my favourite, the Fashion Museum in Bath, Somerset.

Late July it was announced that both the Fashion Museum and the Victoria Gallery would remain closed until 29th March 2021.

On my last visit, I ran out of time to visit the Victoria Gallery, and put it top of my ‘to see’ list, next time.

For those who’ve never had the opportunity to see the History of Fashion in 100 Objects, you can take a virtual tour of the exhibition.

Though a number of the items have changed since my visit in 2017, there are a few that appeared in the photos I shared in my April 2017 post, here.

Now for the challenge…

Look at my April 2017 post; look at the photos and the clothes displayed. Then, take the virtual tour and see how many of them you recognise.

Look out for these shoes, they’re there, but easy to miss.

High heels from the 1780’s

I’d love to hear which ones you identify, and whether you enjoyed the virtual tour…