It’s been some time since I last posted, but that was because my computer was in rapid decline.

Sadly the blue screen of death and crashes were becoming regular occurrences.Then earlier this past week it finally died on me.

I’m now familiarizing myself with Windows 10, and adding useful bits and pieces that I loved using on Windows 7.

My office isn’t yet back to normal- everything is still in bags and boxes, so my weekend will be spent returning everything to its correct place.

But it is dust-free, as after moving everything to reach the cables, I was able to get the Hoover in and remove the fine coating and dust-webs making a home in the corners…

It’s also given me the opportunity to find the reference books and papers that I need to refer to during my second draft.

I’m eager to start again, but not sure of Office 365 yet; I have a trial copy on the computer.

I miss Windows 7…

Back to routine soon.

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