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Life has been rather hectic this month, so I’m not as prepared for Christmas as I would usually be.

Even though I haven’t been able to do any work on my Nottinghamshire story, a few new characters have arrived at the literary door with the start of a Christmas tale. I know this is only a short story so perhaps I will have a few quite moments over the Christmas and New Year to begin putting this winter tale to paper.

Looking for a suitable Christmas image I came across a Manor House in snow – and that set my characters off telling me this was where their story takes place.


A Manor House in Snow

Many of our Christmas traditions have developed from the Victorians- Christmas trees for example, but elements from earlier times have survived as well- Mistletoe and greenery – though Mistletoe is a rarer sight now.

As a child I remember going to the florist with my mother to buy Mistletoe sprigs. The number of stems available, and the frequency of berries upon them, reflected how good or bad the weather had been for the crop that year; and the cost went up or down as a consequence.

When we got home the Mistletoe stems would be securely bound together with cotton thread, and a small loop would be made to secure the hanging bundle to the ceiling with a gold colour drawing pin.

Sadly with central heated houses now, rather than open fireplaces, the berries would likely dry out and drop off before Twelfth Night arrives.

That probably explains plastic Mistletoe!

If you’re interested in Regency traditions at this time of year then do step along to Shannon Donnelly’s Fresh Ink website where this is discussed.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas; a Happy Yule; or delight in whichever traditional celebration you enjoy.

May the coming New Year bring good to all.


Christmas Wreath



Manor House image courtesy of Simon Howden & Heart Shaped Christmas Wreath courtesy of Kittisak, and http://www.freedigitalphotos.net