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Since my last post I’ve heard that I didn’t get through to the New Talent Award shortlist. I’m not as disappointed as I expected. I knew it needed something else, but couldn’t pin down what it was…

serena lace (1)

Fortunately a writer friend who is also an editor, and familiar with historical romances was able to point out the weak spots, and a few conversations later my brain was working on possible solutions for chapter one.

I’ll be locating my other notes and images to add to my storage box, where my first draft has been lurking. It’s been waiting while another first draft was being completed.

Over the weekend I’ll be putting my inspiration board together. It sits by my desk so even if I’m not working on the manuscript my characters are always in my mind.

So next week I’ll begin my second draft with chapter two, as I’m leaving chapter one as it is for the moment.

I’m looking forward to returning to H and S’s story; their individual issues have led to some interesting areas of research…

Now I know the method that works for me, courtesy of the five drafts chapter one went through, I know how much hard work I need to do before it gets to the beta readers stage.

That’s my winter sorted.