I’ve just had one of those moments when a couple of wheels turn in my mind and lock into place.

Saturday’s are Pinterest day, and while discovering and pinning a selection of historic costume and fans from a past sale at christies.com- they have a Pinterest page too and it’s well worth browsing- I came across a continental letter case from the 18th century.

It is absolutely beautiful, green silk with raised embroidery, and just too feminine not to have belonged to a lady who was travelling, and it made me wonder what thoughts and secrets it may once have held…

At the moment I don’t have my own pinterest page, but that’s another to do, so in the meantime I’m sharing Carol’s boards.

There’s Clothing and Footwear for Men in the 18th & 19th Century – I can imagine a few of my hero’s in some of these outfits.

Costume that has women’s fashions, hats, shoes, and a number of images of the constructions used under dresses and petticoats that created the various shapes across the centuries.

If you’re interested in Fans and Parasols, then have a look at Fans and Accessories – where you’ll find the letter case mentioned above.

There are a few other boards you might enjoy, Tiaras, and Jewellery-old and new.

By the time my next blog post goes out I hope to be under my own domain name serena-lake.co.uk

You’re welcome to leave a comment, and I hope you’ll visit again…